How much is the fish?

Please contact me for inquiry about the rates. Every project has different needs and demands. Contact me to describe your plans and I’ll be happy to send you a price quote.

How long does recording take?

That depends on the size of the project, on how prepared you are, how elaborate the production is and how meticulous you are. I’m not really out for quick “demo’s” but love to set the standard high. People will judge my skills on your record and therefore I want it to sound awesome. And I need some time to MAKE it sound awesome.
Contact me to discuss the time span for your project. To give you an idea already: most full albums are done in 8-20 days. Most full albums recorded at Penthouse take 3-5 days to mix. Mixing recordings tracked at other studios usually take 1 day longer.

Can we sleep over?

Unfortunately, in the studio itself is no facility yet to sleep over. We are working on that though. Arrangements in hotels / hostels can be made for bands that have no other choice. If you are brave enough to set up your camping tent in the garden… you’re welcome!

How do we have to prepare?

Make sure your equipment is in mint condition! Put on new strings and new drum heads if needed (when in doubt: you need them…). Check if guitars and bass are well intonated, very important! It’s not too hard to do this yourself, you can find a lot of tutorials on the web. If needed let them check by a pro. Make sure the songs are finished and well practiced. Prepare for a caffeine addiction.

What do we have to bring with us?

All your instruments and amps and some extra sets of strings and drum sticks. If you have your own headphones bring them with you. They will feel comfortable for you. If you bring your lyrics printed and copied for me that would be helpful when tracking vocals.

Can you mix records recorded at other studios by other engineers?

Yes, no problem. Ideally we’re already in touch before you begin tracking but that is not necessary.

We’re unable to come to Penthouse to record, can you come to us?

While I prefer to track in my own studio, it is possible for me to work elsewhere.  I do require that I mix at my own place, though.

What is mastering?

This is the last step in the recording process and a total different process from mixing. Mastering is where the final stereo mixes are processed to achieve optimum sonic impact, as well as volume and sonic continuity from one song to the next. It also involves compiling the required mixes in production order. Industry standard volume and resolution specifications for music delivery are also implemented during the mastering process. It is NOT the solution for a bad record or a bad mix, so beware of that when you’re DIY’ing on your record.

Do you do mastering?

The focus of the studio is recording and mixing, although I can master your record if you ask me to. However I feel that a dedicated mastering engineer could serve well my mixes and your record. The magic is not going to happen there but different ears in a different room can put the icing on the cake. When discussing your project I’m thinking in terms of recording and mixing but I will definitely help you out with the decision about the mastering process.

How do we book studio time?

I recommend booking your studio time about 2-3 months in advance. Depending on the size of your project I can schedule in earlier. If you’re aiming for weekends, vacations or holidays, please do know that you’re probably not the only one. Contact me long enough before.

Payment notes?

A 25 % deposit is required at the time of booking. Dates will be held but not confirmed until a deposit is made. Deposits are non-refundable.