The Penthouse is set up like a one room studio which allows musicians and engineer to talk openly and to share the same vibe which all tributes to the relax and creative workflow. The recording room is cozy and still big enough to capture a big natural room sound and to play live.

Next to the studio is a chill out room with a fridge, micro wave oven, TV and PlayStation to give yourself a break.


Mixing Desk  — SSL Matrix /// DAW — Cubase • ProTools • SSL Alphalink • plugins by Waves, Kush, DrMS, URS, Slate Audio, Komplete by Native Instruments, … /// Monitoring — PMC TB2S-A • Yamaha NS-10 • Adam Sub-12 /// Mics — AEA • AKG • Brauner • Josephson • Microtech Gefell • Neumann • Royer • Sennheiser • Shure /// Outboard — API • Chandler • Crane Song • Daking • Little Labs • SSL • Thermionic Culture /// …


There is some backline equipment that can be used for free if you’re not well covered yourself or if you’re out for this specific piece of gear. If you have great gear yourself than stick to it – it’s probably the best choice because you “know” that gear.

Amps — Framus Dragon • Marshall JCM 900 high gain DR amp • Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier amp • Kemper profiler amp • Orange Tiny Terror amp /// Cabs — Marshall 1960 cab (4×12)  • Orange PPC (4×12) cab  /// Drums — Gretsch Catalina Ash drumkit • Gibraltar hardware • Sabian Cymbals • Slingerland Studio King snare /// Keys — Yamaha Motif 6 synthesizer • Korg Monotribe synthesizer /// …