The key for a great recording is in obtaining both excellent sounds and excellent performances. We discuss what sound we are looking for and I bring in the right gear on the right moment. To perform at your best you need a relaxed atmosphere. I’m a nice guy which is good start and the studio is cosy and comfortable. Also important to come in relax and to stay relax is to discuss an approach that fits everyone before we enter the studio. I take my time to communicate with you about this.

Recordings can often use some editing. It enhances the quality of your performance in respect to rhythm, pitch, and other musical nuances. The extent of editing required may vary greatly from project to project, often depending on the musical style and preference. Of course musicality remains the main thing, but why not turn a good performance into a great one, or a great performance into an even better one. I edit really fast and get the job done while you take a breath or take a sip, or maybe you won’t even notice.


This is where your recordings come to life. Or not. This is where the project takes on its final sonic form and becomes a story by layering it across different dimensions.
You can also bring in your tracks which you recorded elsewhere to have them mixed here.


Sometimes a band is looking for a little more than just the sum of all parts. Think about the idea of someone that casts a vision for the project, and oversees it from beginning to end. Someone that brings in ideas you’ve never thought of and gives you the assist you just have to score. I, as the one recording your songs, find myself in the privileged position of very first audience. That makes me, together with my experience, an unbiased person that might give you advice about what’s needed when the magic isn’t just happening yet.
As I’m a musician myself I’d be glad to throw in tips and ideas whether it’s about the sound, the arrangement, … or to contribute with ideas about an extra guitar overdub, a vocal harmony… You decide what to do with it, it is your song.

The more time you spend on an old idea, the more energy you invest in it, the more solid it becomes, and the more it will exclude new ideas.”

When discussing your project feel free to let me know how you feel about this. Some bands love the extra tips that come across while recording, as other bands prefer to have already my input while still modeling the songs by exchanging demo recordings or by joining rehearsals. We can discuss ideas via email, we can extend your studio time with some rehearsing and trying out, … a lot is possible.

Let’s talk about it if you feel like any of this could serve your project.