If you have some homerecording gear yourself and you can record your own tracks at home (or program e.g. keys or drums if you’re into that) you can send them over to get them mixed here. Be aware that the way and the place you record your songs will make a whole deal of the final result, but if you do this correctly from the start we can come to great results. Ideally you should contact me before you start recording on your own.  I’ll give you some advice on how to handle things for a perfect outcome and I’ll guide you throughout the whole process by email. If you are located close I can even help you out with some recording gear if you want or need to.

Of course you can choose to record only some of the parts at home and the other parts (e.g. drums) here in the studio. And you can still come back in later for the mixing.

Make sure your recordings are tight and if you have the skills to edit them where needed please do so. If the tracks  are not tight enough when they arrive here expect to hear from me to discuss a solution.